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A well-designed, website forms basis of business success. An intelligently designed web sites plays a vital role in converting visitor to customer. Web designing and hosting is not the end of all. As the time rolls on website may need revamping to meet the requirements of changed atmosphere or for many more other reasons. Need of website maintenance like modification of content, addition/deletion of products/services, announcements/offers, modification of pictures/graphics etc. Also will arise in the course of business. However, deploying in house fulltime professionals will increase operational cost. Leave your worries about web solutions at BETHEL TECHNOLOGIES. BETHEL TECHNOLOGIES is here, with complete web solutions. We provide:


There are different types of websites depending
on your business requirements.

We can provide

Business Websites

Business websites are spaces where complete information about the vendor and products/services...

CMS Websites

CMS websites are the ones in which content management system, an application is used. It allows multiple..

Website Revamping

Web designing and hosting is not the end of all. As the time rolls on website need updating/re-designing

E-Commerce Websites

E- commerce website is a platform allowing people to buy and sell goods/services over the internet ..

Landing Page

Landing page is related to online marketing and linked to social media, e-mail campaigns..

UI/UX Designs

UX design is focused on anything that affects the user's journey to solve that problem..